College & Young Professionals

College & Young Professionals


For twentysomethings, life can be chaotic. Whether you are in college or have begun your working career, you are constantly bombarded with paths to follow. The college & career ministry at FBC Hewitt seeks to help these folks listen to the Lord’s voice and follow the path He has for them. Our discipleship efforts are community based.  Our community-based discipleship happens at our Thursday night life group, which is built around discipleship studies geared for young adults and prayer for one another. For more information, contact Tyler Ballard at:



The need for community is great among college students and young professionals. That’s why open discussion and dialogue are integral parts of every discipleship effort we have. We also share a meal together during the Thursday night life group, because breaking bread is one of the best ways to experience community. Along with this, FBC Hewitt has developed the Emmaus Ministry, which focuses on connecting young adults with church members for the duration of their time in the area. Each young adult is partnered with one member or family, and they seek to develop a deeper relationship and connection as brothers and sister in Christ. If you feel disconnected, there is a place for you here.


Christ calls us to serve others as He did. Our college students and young professionals take that to heart by serving in many areas within our church ministry, from the worship team to the children’s area. We will also focus on periodic service opportunities to reach out to our community.


Because FBC Hewitt believes in responding to the Great Commission of Jesus, we provide several mission opportunities throughout the year. Whether it be a church-wide effort or a concentrated mission emphasis for adults, young professionals and college students are welcome to join us as we seek to build the kingdom of God throughout the world.

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